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Solution to turning over and twisting of metal stamping parts

With the refinement of industrial electronics, various industries have higher and higher requirements for stamping parts, including the shape of stamping parts. In the stamping process, it is easy to produce material turnover and distortion, which will affect the product quality. Today, I'd like to sum up my experience and share with you: solutions to material turnover and distortion of metal stamping parts.

1. It is caused by the rough edge of the blanking part. It is necessary to study the cutting edge and check whether the blanking clearance is reasonable.

2. During blanking, the stamping parts have been turned over and distorted, which leads to poor forming after bending. It needs to be solved from the blanking station.

3. It is caused by the instability of stamping parts during bending. Mainly for U-shaped and V-shaped bending. To deal with this problem, the key to solve the problem is to guide the stamping parts before bending, guide the stamping parts during bending, and press the material to prevent the stamping parts from sliding during bending.

For metal stamping parts turning material distortion solution, I believe you have some understanding. The main reason for turning over and twisting of stamping parts is the influence of blanking force, unreasonable blanking gap and uneven gap. Through the above methods, these problems can be effectively solved to avoid turning over and twisting of stamping parts.

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