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Tearing of metal stamping parts

According to the actual situation of metal stamping parts, through the inspection of the tearing position, fracture morphology and extrusion degree, the stamping and drawing oil manufacturer "chemical" found that the tearing and skewing of parts are mainly reflected in the flanging forming process. Therefore, this process needs to be paid attention to, so the main reasons for this process phenomenon are as follows:

1. The execution of forming process parameters is not in place

In the forming process of parts, the process requires that the die, the pressing core and the combination of the two must be closely combined. When the slide of the machine tool slides down, the plastic deformation of the pressing sheet is formed. However, in the pressing process, the quality of the parts is unstable. The main reason is that the processing technicians did not adjust the pressure of the machine tool at this stage according to the specified requirements of the process, resulting in stability problems and unstable quality of the parts.

2. Design defects of flanging forming die

The first mock exam is a double cavity, because the process includes the shape of the forming part besides the flanging, and the special parts of the parts are complex, the bending surface is narrow, and the forming requires the concave die core to match the forming face, which results in the large forming condition of the die structure condition and the small volume of the pressing surface.

3. There are some errors between the mold processing parts and the drawing design

For example, clearly mark the area to be processed. However, because the die core is a complex surface, the guide surface is machined after the casting is formed, resulting in the gap error after the sliding matching between the processing surface and the guide surface of the die, and the left / right swing of the die core occurs during the normal operation of the die.

Before the forming of parts, the positioning is carried out by the locating pin and hole on the upper plane of the pressing core. In this way, the pressing core must ensure stable, reliable and correct sliding in the forming of parts, otherwise the parts will lose stability in the forming, resulting in the collision and extrusion between the pressing core and the die wall, resulting in the tensile stress of the parts. When the strength limit of the material is exceeded, the parts will tear and skew Right.

Therefore, the above hardware stamping tear problem, I hope to help you.

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